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What is the Best Septic Tank Treatment?

What is the Best Septic Tank Treatment?

Homeowners rarely think about their waste disposal systems until there’s a problem. Proper care and maintenance are critical whether you recently conducted a septic tank installation or have used one for many years. These units handle the waste from drains and toilets, ensuring a safe environment. Several components require regular inspections to mitigate further deterioration and costly septic tank repair services, like most systems. We understand how waste disposal systems function at Septic Connection, allowing our experts to detect, diagnose, and address problems in time.

Your Septic Tank

As mentioned, the wastewater from your drains and toilet collects in the septic tank. Solid matter sinks to the bottom, allowing the naturally occurring bacteria to break down the waste and release effluent. Once the effluent floats to the top, it moves through the system using L-shaped lines for filtration before being released into the ground. Solid waste accumulates in the tank with time, hence the need to schedule regular septic tank pumping sessions.

Your Drain Field

The drain field entails a series of perforated lines underground. These pipes are two feet below the ground and surrounded by gravel to facilitate filtration, so you don’t have to worry about pollution. When you have a septic tank installation project lined up, we ensure everything is in tip-top shape before leaving the premises. The last thing you want is to compromise your surroundings and pay hefty fines because of violating local codes. 

Septic System Care

As a homeowner, knowing how your system functions and how to provide care is a vital part of keeping your family safe. Waste disposal units are more delicate and complex than municipal sewer systems, so you need to know do’s and don’ts.

Don’t Flush Foreign Substances Down the Drain

Septic systems handle human waste and toilet paper. Although products are labeled "Flushable," don’t flush them down the toilet. If you flush too many solids, it affects the naturally occurring bacteria, causing blockages. Many homeowners dump feminine products, baby wipes, and coffee grounds in the septic system, which wreaks havoc if you delay septic tank pumping. The best way to prevent such scenarios is to hire a reputable septic company for maintenance inspections.

Do Watch Where You Drive

The drain field is fragile and a few feet below the ground. With that in mind, driving over the drain field or placing heavy equipment on top can damage the pipes, leaking effluent into your property. Hire a septic company to mark the drain field so you can avoid nasty surprises and expensive septic tank repair jobs.

Don’t Add Chemicals to Your Septic System

The market contains products that clean your septic system and promote bacterial growth. However, these products are only short-term solutions and may cause more damage with time. If you notice telltale signs of deterioration, such as foul smells, backups, or system overflows, it may be time for septic tank pumping and maintenance.

Contact us at Septic Connection and schedule regular system cleaning and repairs. Our seasoned experts leverage innovative equipment and expertise to guarantee quality services at competitive market rates, including septic tank installation and inspections.