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Septic Tank Repair in Williamston

Septic Tank Repair in Williamston

If you are among the one in five of U.S. households with a septic tank installation in your property, then you do not get sewer bills from the local government or municipality. However, that also means that you are responsible for your septic tank maintenance and septic tank repair. Continue reading before you think of heading out to buy supplies and tools. The professionals at Septic Connection offer affordable and reliable septic tank repair in Williamston as well as septic tank maintenance in Williamston. Call Septic Connection now to schedule your appointment. We are also available around the clock to take requests for emergency Williamston septic repair.

How To Keep Your Septic System Healthy

Prevention is better than cure. So, take good care of your septic system. We do not have time to go over all of the details, but here are some tips for keeping your septic system healthy:

  • Be modest with your water usage. This will save you money on water bills and also protect you from an overloaded septic tank or flooded drain field. Consider water efficient appliances and plumbing fixtures.
  • Do not use anti-bacterial soap or chemical drain cleaners. Your septic tank houses vital “good” bacteria that breaks down solid waste into sludge, saving valuable space in the septic tank. Anti-bacterial soap and chemical cleaners do not differentiate between these “good” bacteria and harmful bacteria.
  • Take care of the area around the septic tank and drain field. Do not drive over the area. Do not install large structures on or around the area. Finally, be careful when planting trees. You do not want invasive roots to penetrate the system.

Signs That You Need Septic Repair

We recommend that you schedule a regular septic tank maintenance in Williamston to have a septic professional inspect your system. This way, you can catch issues early on and save yourself from expensive septic tank repair or even a replacement. There are also signs that you can watch out for as well:

  • Patches of lush, green grass is not as aesthetic as a uniformly green yard for good reason. If you notice patches of overly green grass, then be wary of a leak in your septic system.
  • Your septic tank should securely hold the waste and wastewater. If you are getting whiffs of sewage in the yard or in your home, then it might be time for a septic repair.
  • Slow drainage and sewage backups are signs of a clog in your system. Handle these soon, before your pipes are damaged.

Septic Connection Is Always Ready to Help

We know how important a functional septic system is for your building. It’s going to be tough finding an available septic professional by searching the web for “septic repair near me.” That is why we do not put limits on when you can call us. An emergency can arise at any moment and Septic Connection is always ready to help. You can call Septic Connection at any time of the day – or night. A live representative will be sure to take your call and help you arrange an emergency dispatch.