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Belton residents and homeowners with a septic system installed in their property should be aware of septic tank cleaning. Whereas centralized sewer systems are maintained and managed by the municipality or city, septic systems require their owners to perform regular maintenance. The advantage of a septic system is that you are not responsible to pay monthly sewer bills, but this does not mean it is without maintenance. The primary maintenance item is septic tank pumping. Forget searching the web for “septic tank pumping near me” only to be sent to the voicemail of options. For affordable and reliable septic tank pumping in Belton, consider the professionals at Septic Connection. We have friendly representatives available at all hours of the day to take your call to schedule sewer pumping, septic tank pumping or lift station pumping in Belton, SC area.

How Does Septic Tank Pumping Work?

Before we get to how septic tank pumping works, we should review the workings of a septic system. In short, wastewater and sewage from your household travels through the inlet pipe into the septic tank. Solids are broken down into sludge by bacteria and chemicals in the septic tank while the liquids are pushed through the outlet pipe into the drain field where they percolate through the soil. Over time, the solids and sewage fill the septic tank and must be removed.

When you call our office for a septic tank cleaning in Belton, we will quickly dispatch a tank truck to your location. Our expert technicians will locate your septic tank and clear out the excess sludge and scum using a vacuum pump. Once the septic tank cleaning is complete, we will transport the sewage and safely dispose of it.

Septic Cleaning in Belton, SC

When Do I Need Septic Tank Cleaning in Belton?

Depending on the size of your septic tank as well as the size of your household and how frequently you use the plumbing system, you may need a septic tank pumping in Belton as frequently as once per year to as little as once every four years. This is according to our experience as well as what the Environment Protection Agency suggests.
Surely, an improperly maintained wastewater treatment system may need emergency septic tank pumping. If you begin to experience odors coming from your drains, sewage backup, or puddles of odorous water in your yard around your septic system, then it may be time to call the professionals at Septic Connection. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Do You Provide Septic Tank Cleaning Near Me?

Are you wonder where to find septic tank cleaning near me? For fast, reliable, and affordable Belton septic cleaning, call the professionals at Septic Connection. We are proud to offer around-the-clock service for all areas of Belton. Thanks to the GPS technology and scheduling equipment that Septic Connection has invested into, Belton septic pumping is accessible at all times of the day with quick response times. When you call our office and speak to our friendly staff, you can rest assured that we will dispatch the nearest technician to your premises. Remember, first time callers can enjoy 15% off on their service.

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