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Septic Tank Pumping in Hodges, SC

Whereas centralized sewer systems are maintained and managed by the municipality or city, septic systems require their owners to perform regular maintenance. The advantage of a septic system is that you are not responsible to pay monthly sewer bills, but this does not mean it is without maintenance. Hodges residents and homeowners with a septic system installed in their property know about septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning. These are primary maintenance items. If you need septic tank pumping in Hodges, then forget searching the web for “septic tank pumping near me” only to be sent to the voicemail of options. Call Septic Connection instead to get in touch with a live representative. We can schedule a Hodges septic tank pumping or arrange an emergency dispatch.

What Is Septic Cleaning in Hodges?

As you may know, septic systems are onsite sewage facilities for houses and buildings which are not connected to a centralized sewer system. The waste and wastewater generated by your building travels to the septic tank where they are treated by bacteria, chemicals, and the drain field. The liquids are ejected into the drain field where they percolate through the soil for treatment. Meanwhile, the solid waste in the tank is broken down into sludge by bacteria and chemicals.
Septic tank cleaning in Hodges removes the waste that cannot be treated any further. We come by and clear out the septic tank so that it does not overload. Call Septic Connection now if it is time for your septic cleaning in Hodges.

Septic Cleaning in Hodges, SC

When to Schedule Septic Cleaning?

A wastewater treatment system can come in many sizes, measured in gallons, with most tanks between a thousand and two thousand gallons. How frequently you will need a Hodges septic pumping depends on a range of factors including the size of your septic tank, the size of your household, the activity of your household, the condition of the bacteria in the septic tank and more. Depending on the combination of the aforementioned factors, you may need a Hodges septic cleaning as often as once per year or once every four years. 
If you have recently moved into a house with a septic system and are not sure when the last time it was pumped, then we suggest you schedule a wastewater treatment system cleaning as soon as possible. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Our friendly staff are ready to take your call.

Septic Connection Is Ready to Help

It is so easy to take the septic system for granted and forget to schedule your routine septic tank pumping in Hodges. The consequence of forgetting can be awful, though. A sewage leak or sewage backup into the living space is a nightmare. Fortunately, Septic Connection is ready to help. Whenever you need an urgent septic tank pumping in Hodges, just grab the phone and call Septic Connection. Our live representatives and mobile septic technicians are on standby to help. Don’t forget to ask about ongoing promotional offers.
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