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Why Leave Septic Tank Repair to the Professionals

Why Leave Septic Tank Repair to the Professionals

Septic systems are vital in addressing residential and commercial waste disposal needs. Like most systems, routine maintenance is critical to ensure everything is in tip-top shape and prevents nasty disasters. However, septic tank repair should be something other than a DIY project to prevent further damage and costly replacements. Even if you have conducted successful DIY projects in the past without the knowledge and expertise needed, try something other than septic tank repair and maintenance!

The last thing you want is to experience a leak or pipe-bursting emergency in the middle of the night. As a property owner, you can avoid such scenarios by working with a professional septic company. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and innovative equipment at Septic Connection to guarantee quality septic tank installation, pumping, and repair services. If you have a DIY septic job lined up, here are reasons to consider hiring a pro.

The Right Equipment

As mentioned, we use industry-standard equipment and proven techniques to enhance the quality of services. Whether septic tank installation, repair, or maintenance, you can rely on us to provide unmatched services. The lack of proper equipment is the most common reason for inefficiencies and damage following DIY septic maintenance. Many property owners need the tools for the job, resulting in improvisation and uncertainties. In addition, renting or purchasing these tools only adds to the project’s overall cost without guaranteeing lasting results. We have access to all the right equipment to complete various tasks, including septic tank pumping and repair services.

Further Damage

Although DIY alternatives seem like cost-effective solutions, you risk further damage and costly repairs in the future. Many DIYers only provide short-term solutions and don’t address underlying problems. This allows minor issues to grow, wreaking havoc on your premises. For instance, sealing a leaky line may prevent toxic effluent from escaping, but if you don’t address the cause, you may experience a pipe burst emergency. When you schedule septic tank pumping, we inspect, diagnose, and address underlying problems before they become more pronounced. The last thing you want is to come home to a flooded yard or bathroom because of needing more professional help.

Health Hazards

The waste from your drains and toilets collects in the septic tank, whereby the solid waste sinks to the bottom and wastewater drains into the leach field. If you handle maintenance with the proper gear and skills, you avoid contact with toxic materials, compromising your health and overall well-being. We will only encourage septic tank pumping with protective gear or the right equipment, so hiring a reputable septic company is critical. Our experienced technicians wear PPEs and leverage innovative equipment to ensure minimal or zero contact with bacteria or other contamination.

Now that you know the risks involved with DIY septic maintenance, contact us at Septic Connection and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We provide comprehensive septic services, from installation and pumping to repairs and replacements. If you suspect a problem with your unit, please call a septic company immediately.