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Septic Tank Cleaning in Greenville

If you are among the twenty percent of homeowners in the United States with a septic system installed in their yard, you should be aware of the importance of septic tank cleaning. While homeowners whose property is connected to a centralized sewer system can rely on the municipality for maintenance, owners of septic systems must take this responsibility into their own hands. Luckily, you can leave this dirty work to the professionals. Septic Connection has years of experience with septic tank cleaning in Greenville and is available around-the-clock to help. Give us a call today and ask one of our friendly representatives about some of our special offers for Greenville residents. We look forward to taking your call.

What Does Septic Tank Cleaning Entail?

Septic systems are luckily fairly simple in design and their maintenance is as well. As wastewater leaves your household plumbing, it enters your septic tank through an inlet pipe. While the solids are decomposed into sludge with the assistance of bacteria and chemicals in the tank, the liquids are discharged into the drain field. Over time, the septic tank fills with sludge. Septic tank cleaning is the removal of the waste that is inside the septic tank.
Feel free to call our office if you are interested in learning more about the specifics of septic tank cleaning. Our friendly staff are more than willing to answer any questions or concerns.

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How Often Do I Need Septic Cleaning in Greenville?

Depending on the size of your septic tank, the type of septic system you have, and the size of your household, you may need a septic tank cleaning in Greenville anywhere from once every year to once every five years. Naturally, a small household that is rarely home and has a large septic tank will need a septic tank cleaning much less frequently than a large household with a small septic tank. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that household septic tanks are cleaned every three to five years, but alternative systems with electrical float switches, pumps, or mechanical components should be cleaned more often.

Another factor that affects the frequency of your wastewater treatment system cleaning is the quality of your usage. That is to say, households that responsibly use their septic system can go longer without a septic cleaning in Greenville. If you flush cigarette butts, papers, and other hard objects or pour grease and oils into your sink, then you can expect to need frequent septic tank cleaning. If you feel you need a Greenville septic tank cleaning, then give Septic Connection a call today.

Do You Offer Septic Cleaning Near Me?

Greenville septic tank cleaning is affordable and accessible thanks to Septic Connection’s entry into the market. We have invested heavily into advanced GPS and scheduling technology to assign you with the technician nearest to you. This means no more wandering the web searching for “septic cleaning near me.” Give us a call today and let one of our friendly staff members know where you are located and we will have a technician dispatched to your premises as soon as possible.

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