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Crucial Times for Septic Tank Inspections

Crucial Times for Septic Tank Inspections

While most homes across the country are connected to a municipal sewer line, at least one in five uses a septic system. A well-maintained unit is quite efficient, but if there's a problem, you'll deal with far more than just costly repairs. At Septic Connection, we believe that routine septic inspections are key to preventing sewer cleanups and a hefty price tag. However, there are other instances when an inspection is necessary, and you require the services of a professional septic service company. Our technicians leverage state-of-the-art tools and equipment to enhance the quality and precision of assessment. Here are some crucial times you need to consider septic tank inspection.

When You Are Thinking of Buying Property

People looking to buy a home hire contractor to conduct a home inspection and pinpoint areas that need repairs and replacements. A home inspection is usually mild and doesn't go beyond face value. The same applies to your septic system, where Septic Connection comes in as your go-to septic service company. Our team ensures every part of your septic system is thoroughly checked, alleviating the risk of potential damage and costly repairs. If you've already hired a home inspector, go the extra step and hire a septic expert to make the investment in your home worth it.

When the Septic System is Pumped

A septic tank pumping schedule varies from home to another for different reasons, such as home size, tank size, and the number of household members. However, this time corresponds nicely with the ideal septic system inspection time. Once our technicians arrive on the scene for maintenance, they can inspect your unit to determine its condition and make recommendations to improve performance and function. Septic tank pumping also provides better access for our team to look at the internal components and repair damaged parts.

If Your Septic System is Old

The lifespan of a septic system usually ranges from 12-15 years or more, depending on the level of maintenance provided. It is usually not easy to detect a failing unit, but a septic system expert should inspect one past the ten-year range. Just because it is functioning doesn't mean it is in tip-top condition. Modern septic systems are designed to be more efficient and durable, and we can help you upgrade to one that meets your waste management needs.

Mushy or Flooded Yard

When sewer water reaches the surface, your yard will become unevenly lush, and a foul smell will fill the environment; it might be time to hire a septic expert for inspection. Failure to address the problem in time can lead to significant structural damage and health hazards. An excellent way to prevent this is to schedule routine maintenance checks with a septic service company, to prevent the accumulation of solid waste and possible blockages. A septic system inspection goes a long way in protecting your premises from sewer damage and helps improve property value.

If you have any questions regarding septic tank inspection, contact us at Septic Connection, and schedule a consultation with the experts. We guarantee exceptional septic services at competitive market prices.