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Septic Tank Smell: How to Eliminate it

Septic Tank Smell: How to Eliminate it

Over time, a septic tank can start producing a foul odor, affecting the quality of your outdoor and indoor space. This is usually caused by poor maintenance, and that’s why Septic Connection is your go-to septic service company. With years of providing a range of septic services, from septic tank pumping to repairs, we can help you maintain a functioning and efficient system. There are many reasons why a septic tank can start producing bad odors, mainly gas buildup comprising of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and methane gases.

While these gases can be annoying to deal with, they also pose a risk to your safety and health if they are allowed to reach toxic levels. Our team of experts can assess the extent of damage-causing your septic system to smell and recommend the most effective and efficient solution to restore quality to your property. The presence of a foul smell doesn’t mean that you are due for septic tank pumping, and that’s why you need to onboard a septic service company to determine the cause and remedy of the problem.

What Causes Septic Odor Inside the House?

When you experience a septic-related emergency inside your home, it can lead to a serious health hazard. A foul smell from your septic system into your home indicates a compromised plumbing system, and that’s why it’s advisable to onboard the experts at Septic Connection to conduct a comprehensive assessment. Whether it is a poorly sealed cover on the ejector sump pump basket or a leaking septic line in your yard, we’ve got you covered. We’ll ensure that the plumbing vent on the roof is functioning as expected to prevent your drains, toilets, and faucets from gurgling, allowing foul odors to get into your home.

A septic service company has the expertise and experience needed to repair a failing system and restore your system to optimal function and efficiency. Since plumbing vents can get blocked by debris and leaves or frozen during prolonged cold weather, it is important to schedule regular maintenance with a reliable and reputable septic service company. This allows you to alleviate any further damage and assess other failing components requiring professional expertise.

Remedies for Septic Tank Odors

A home remedy for fixing this problem is filling the flood drain with the water to ensure the water levels are supposed to be. If there’s a smell emanating from your system after this, the best thing is to onboard a professional plumber from Septic Connection to assess the cleanout access plug. A damaged or loosely fastened cleanout plug can allow gases from your septic system to pass and affect the quality of your property.

Leverage a septic service company's specialized equipment and tools and enjoy a functioning and efficient system. Since most plumbing issues usually go undetected, we recommend scheduling routine maintenance checks with our plumbers to get ahead of any potential damage. Contact us today at Septic Connection for top-notch septic tank pumping and other services at pocket-friendly rates.