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General Advice on Septic Tank Pumping Frequency

General Advice on Septic Tank Pumping Frequency

Most property and homeowners often ask how often they should get their septic tanks pumped. Although a septic system can run for a year without signs of damage, it is important to schedule routine maintenance with a reputable septic service company. That’s why Septic Connection is your go-to service provider when it comes to quality maintenance services like septic tank pumping. Although a septic tank is considered a safe and environmentally-friendly solution to managing waste from your home, it requires special care and regular maintenance.

While most general guidelines suggest that septic tank pumping should be done every 2-5 years, we believe it should be done as often as your septic system needs.  Before proceeding with maintenance, our experts start by assessing the level of scum and sludge in the tank. It is crucial to clean the sludge and scum periodically, or you risk clogging or, worst-case scenario, backups into your home. Scheduling regular maintenance with Septic Connection is an excellent way of staying ahead of any potential damage. And costly repairs.

Over Pumping Leads to Overspending

Although regularly pumping your septic tank helps increase efficiency, you should have a professional design of a septic tank pumping plan. This will ensure that maintenance is done when necessary, and the level of sludge and scum is higher than is required. If you pump your septic tank more than the recommended number of times in a year, you are only throwing money down the drain since the service cost doesn’t equate to the amount of sludge and scum being removed.

Overpumping also compromises the bacteria level required for anaerobic digestion, which breaks down the waste in preparation for filtration. At Septic Connection, we ensure that your septic tank maintains the right biomass levels required for a healthy and efficient system. If your tank is not given time to return to healthy bacteria levels, you risk potential system failures and clogs. That’s why it’s advisable to work with a professional septic service company to ensure that pumping is done regularly without offsetting the balance of bacteria.

How Often You Should Pump Your Septic Tank

The sludge and scum levels in your septic tank are the two most crucial factors to consider before seeking septic tank pumping services. When your scum is six inches thick at the top of the sludge is one foot at the bottom, you should consider contacting the professional team at Septic Connection. We use top-of-the-line industry equipment to ensure every job is done efficiently and effectively without compromising quality. There’s no specific time for you to pump your tank, and that’s why you need to schedule regular maintenance. Our experts can assess your entire septic system to ensure failing systems are repaired or replaced and check the sludge and scum levels.

Please do not wait to find out that your tank is full when there’s a backup in your drains and toilet; contact us today at Septic Connection and schedule an appointment.  We guarantee exceptional septic tank pumping, and other maintenance services, at a pocket-friendly price.