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Do Commercial Dishwashers Require a Grease Trap?

Do Commercial Dishwashers Require a Grease Trap?

As an owner of a commercial kitchen, you know the hassle and bustle of conducting daily activities. However, industry-standard dishwasher equipment is critical to maintaining smooth operations and efficient working spaces. While commercial dishwashers can handle heavy loads of soiled dishes, ensuring they function optimally involves more than just selecting the right machine. As a professional septic company, Septic Connection can help you maintain a durable and functional unit. The most overlooked component of commercial dishwashers is the grease trap. Let’s look at the reasons a grease trap is crucial for the optimal performance of commercial dishwashers.

Legal Regulations

Commercial dishwashers mainly require grease traps to comply with legal regulations. Many jurisdictions mandate the installation of grease traps in commercial kitchens to prevent the discharge of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) into septic and municipal wastewater systems. FOG can cause blockages and overflows in sewer lines, leading to costly septic tank repair emergencies and environmental contamination. Grease traps intercept FOG before they enter the wastewater system, helping businesses adhere to environmental regulations, avoid potential fines, and save money on frequent septic tank pumping sessions.

Environmental Protection

Besides legal compliance, grease traps are crucial in protecting the environment. When FOG enters sewer or septic systems, it accumulates and forms hardened masses, known as fatbergs, obstructing pipes and sewage infrastructure. These blockages disrupt wastewater treatment processes and pose environmental hazards by releasing pollutants into water bodies. As mentioned, grease traps intercept FOG, preventing it from entering the sewer system. This goes a long way in mitigating the risk of environmental pollution or costly septic tank installation services. 

Preventing Plumbing Problems

Grease buildup in plumbing systems can cause problems, from clogged pipes and sewage backups to unplanned septic tank repair and maintenance emergencies. Commercial dishwashers produce significant amounts of grease-laden wastewater, especially in establishments that handle oily or greasy foods. Without a proper grease trap function, this wastewater can deposit FOG along the interior walls of pipes, narrowing the passage and impeding the flow of water. Once these deposits solidify, you risk nasty surprises that can compromise your plumbing infrastructure. We recommend routine inspections by a trusted septic company to address minor signs before things worsen. 

Enhancing Dishwasher Performance

Grease traps contribute to the overall performance of commercial dishwashers. FOG-laden wastewater can compromise the effectiveness of dishwashing equipment by coating dishes with a greasy film or residue. In addition, it also causes frequent septic tank pumping sessions and affects the hygiene of the washed items. By removing FOG from wastewater before it reaches the dishwasher, grease traps ensure high standards of cleanliness and sanitation, enhancing customer satisfaction. Another vital aspect is routine maintenance, including septic tank cleaning, to preserve your business’s reputation.

Extending Equipment Lifespan

Last, grease traps can prolong the lifespan of commercial dishwashers and associated plumbing fixtures like septic units. By preventing FOG from accumulating within the dishwasher and drainage system, grease traps reduce the likelihood of corrosion, scale formation, and mechanical failures. This translates to fewer maintenance requirements and repair costs with time. In addition, investing in grease traps protects your wastewater treatment system, reducing the risks of emergency septic tank installation projects.

Including grease traps is essential for the optimal functioning of commercial dishwashers in restaurant and food service operations. Consider incorporating a grease trap if you want to maintain a functioning grease trap, uphold hygiene standards, mitigate environmental effects, and protect your long-term operational interests. Contact us at Septic Connection to learn more about effective preventive measures. We provide comprehensive services at competitive rates, including septic tank cleaning and maintenance.