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To Flush or Not to Flush?

To Flush or Not to Flush?

What goes down your septic system is vital in determining its efficiency and functionality. That's why it's advisable to keep an eye on what we flush down the toilet, aside from human waste and wastewater. Since not everything that goes down the toilet or your drains is good for your septic system, scheduling regular maintenance with Septic Connection can help you maintain a healthy and effective system. We have a team of trained experts who provide many services, such as septic tank pumping and many more.

Suppose you have children at home or in your building. In that case, it is vital to watch what they are flushing down the toilet to avoid significant pipe damage and septic system malfunction—understanding the difference between items that should be flushed and those that shouldn't help you maintain an efficient system without the need for constant repairs by your local septic service company. The best way to avoid confusion is to check whether it's biodegradable before flushing to minimize the damage to your septic system. Here is a list compiled by the experts at Septic Connection to help you make the right decision when flushing or not to flush an item.

Cooking Oil or Grease

When you pour water containing grease or rinse dishes with oil, you put your septic system at risk of clogging. Although it might not happen instantly, cooling oil and grease accumulate inside your pipes over time, causing a clog or backup. The most effective way of preventing grease or cooking oil buildup in your septic lines is by onboarding a reputable septic service company for cleaning and septic tank pumping.

Flushable Wipes

Most people rely on the manufacturer's message on the package to determine if it should be flushed or not. While this might work for various products, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's safe for your septic system. If you regularly flush wipes labeled "Safe for your Septic System," you risk clogging your septic system or a backup, which is frustrating and destructive. Regular septic tank pumping is an excellent way to prevent the buildup of such materials, ensuring your septic system is in tiptop shape. This applies to wipes since most of them can take weeks, if not months before they can completely break down.

Feminine Hygiene Products

When you think about feminine products disposal, the only place that comes to mind is the toilet. While this seems like the perfect place to dispose of such products, they don't easily disintegrate, which is a red flag. This means that they are likely to build up over time, causing significant damage to your septic system. The same applies to diapers, which have the label indicating their flush ability but end up staying in your system. Septic Connection can help you alleviate such issues and enhance the efficiency of your system.

Contact us at Septic Connection for more information on safe items for your septic system and those that are not. Please take advantage of our vast industry experience and expertise by scheduling an appointment with our experts. We guarantee nothing but exceptional septic service at a competitive market rate.