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What is Septic Tank Riser

What is Septic Tank Riser

If you are one of twenty percent of U.S. households that are not connected to a centralized sewer system, then chances are you have a septic system installed in your yard. A septic system is an onsite sewage maintenance system. While you are freed from paying monthly sewer bills to your local municipality, the responsibility of maintaining your septic system falls upon you. As such, you should have a reliable septic service provider such as Septic Connection on hand. These professionals are private business that handle your septic cleaning, septic pumping, and other necessary maintenance. To hasten sewer maintenance, we recommend a septic tank riser installation.

What Is A Septic Tank Riser?

Since septic tanks are installed several yards underground and even the lids are a few feet underground, locating and accessing the tank lid can be time-consuming and challenging. Even after finding its location, you or the septic professional will have to dig into the area to access the tank. A septic tank riser is a cost-efficient solution to this problem. A septic tank riser is a concrete or plastic pipe that runs up from your septic tank lid to make it easier for you or your septic service provider to access the septic tank.

Pros and Cons of a Septic Tank Riser

Nothing is rainbows and butterflies. Like all things in life, septic tank risers have their pros and cons. 

  • Septic tank risers are made of durable materials that provide protection for your septic tank lid from the elements. By making the location of your septic tank lid visible, a septic tank riser also protects your septic tank from inadvertent pressure. It can be easy to forget where the septic tank is located and park your car over it or dump heavy equipment on it. A septic tank riser will keep the tank at the top of your mind.
  • Homeowners can be nervous about the cost of installing a septic tank riser, but it should be noted that installation is quick and easy. The cost is also negligible considering the long-term savings. With a septic tank riser, you will save time and money during future septic system maintenance as your septic service provider will be able to easily locate the tank and handle the maintenance.
  • The issue of aesthetics is the other point of concern for homeowners. It is completely understandable that you not want a pipe jutting out of your yard. If aesthetics is important to you, then let your septic tank riser installation expert know and they can make sure to install the riser so that its top is a few inches below ground. This way you can cover the top with a shallow layer of soil and grass.  

Finding A Reliable Septic Tank Riser Installer 

Septic Connection is a registered company in South Carolina with years of experience, skilled technicians, and a professional staff. Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us handle installations in a short amount of time and at an affordable rate to you. We have emergency services available so that you never have to deal with septic issues on your own. Ready to partner up? Call our local office today to speak with a courteous staff member.