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How To Tell Septic Tank Is Full

How To Tell Septic Tank Is Full

Owning your own personal septic tank is an easy way to solve your drainage problems. By owning one, you have to be responsible and offer care to your tank.

If you are hoping for your septic tank to be running perfectly fine, then you have to keep it well maintained. Monitoring the levels in your septic tank is important to see when it needs to be cleaned and taken care of.

Here at Septic Connection, we are a septic company that will be explaining what signs you need to be looking out for to tell if your septic tank is full.

Waste Build-up

The primary reason to own a septic tank is to get rid of your waste from the residence. This can include anything coming from your sink, bathtub, and toilet.

Most of the waste coming from the sinks and bathtubs get taken care of easily, but the problems usually occur from the toilet. The way a septic tank works is by receiving this waste, then separating the liquids and solids. While the liquids flow towards the outlet straight to the drain field, the solids stay in the tank. This is known as sludge. Of course, the tank is built to handle this sludge over long periods of time. Although, as time goes on, this sludge builds up and eventually overflows the system if it isn’t taken care of. This can turn out to be a huge problem that can affect your drain field and possibly overflow back into your home.

Luckily, the solution for this is septic tank pumping. This is the process of removing sludge build-up from your tank. The result from this is that it’ll prevent any overflow or malfunction in your septic tank.

If you have noticed strange smells, notify a professional to inspect your tank to carry on with this process. Trying to pump a tank on your own is not an easy task, always consult an expert.

Signs That Your Septic Tank is Full

By owning a septic tank, you’ll start understanding when you should schedule a pumping service. If you haven’t quite understood yet, here are some signs.

  • Slow drains. When your septic tank gets full, your drainage slows down more and more each day. This often means that there is an issue with your tank.
  • Bad odors. This is an easy way to tell there is something wrong with your septic tank. The smell it gives will be unpleasant.
  • Gurgling drains. A gurgling drain is a sign that your pipe is experiencing difficulties moving waste to the tank.
  • Drain back-up. As your septic tank reaches its full capacity, there’s nowhere else for the waste to go, but up. In this case, that means it goes back where it came from and that is your home.
  • Difficulties flushing. When you flush your toilet, you’ll notice your toilet having a difficult time accomplishing that task. This trouble is caused by the fact that the toilet can’t send the waste to the one place it can go since that area is in full capacity.

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