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How to Keep Your Drain Field Healthy

How to Keep Your Drain Field Healthy

Your septic system plays a vital role in waste management, improving the function and comfort of your home. It comprises different parts that work together to safely handle the waste from your home without exposing you to toxic substances. The septic tank collects solid waste and wastewater, which is separated, and the effluent flows to the drain field for final processing. Septic Connection is a professional septic company that leverages innovative equipment and techniques to help you maintain an efficient and durable unit.

When you hire us for maintenance, we provide comprehensive services from septic tank pumping to drain field repair. It allows us to detect trivial issues before they become more pronounced, wreaking havoc in your home. Here are some ways to keep your drain field in good condition, so you don’t have to deal with raw sewage.

Remove Troublesome Landscaping

A structure or plant on top or near the drain field can cause severe damage, resulting in system deterioration and stagnant sewage on the surface. Tree roots pose the most danger, especially if the tree is large and has an extensive root system. You can avoid this by consulting a reliable septic company before planting trees in your backyard or near the drain field.

Another common mistake most people make with plants is planting annuals requiring frequent digging or perennials with deep roots. We can help you choose the right plant to camouflage your drain field without compromising the aesthetics of your landscape. Wild grass meadows or perennial grass are viable options. You can also grow herbaceous flowers from seeds, so you don’t have to dig the ground.

Reroute Home Drainage

Different drainage areas around your home, like the gutter system, routes water from the foundation. If you have low spots on your lawn or extensive gardens, we recommend installing underground tiles to carry away excess water. Most homes have pools, sump pumps, and water features that need regular draining. All this water can overwhelm your drain field, resulting in a clogged or flooded drain field that can’t function properly.

Several options exist for re-routing run-off, but it is advisable to consult a reputable septic company before choosing one. You can put in a swale or build a berm to direct water toward a municipal storm drain or drainage trench. We can help you determine the best solution based on your specific drainage needs.

Avoid Compression

The third most significant threat to maintaining an efficient unit is weight-especially from driving on the drain field. Drain fields can handle little weight, like walking across the lawn or mowing. However, a garage or shed on the drain field is not a good idea. Even if you are cautious not to drive on the drain field, others may need to be more careful and can accidentally place equipment or park on the system.

You can prevent damage by simply creating a boundary that can’t be crossed, like a decorative fence. If there’s one entrance to the drain field, putting up a sign or gate can help. Contact us at Septic Connection to learn more about maintaining an efficient drain field. Schedule an appointment and enjoy quality services like septic tank pumping and repairs at competitive market rates.