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Can We Dump This Noisy Sump Pump?

Can We Dump This Noisy Sump Pump?

After a long day at work, getting away from the noise and daily hassle is vital. However, when you get home to a noisy sump pump that comes on after a certain period, it is a sign you need to onboard a professional septic service company. After years of providing septic services, a common question our team is asked, "can we dump that noisy sump pump?" At Septic Connection, we consider sump pump installation as an insurance policy that protects your basement from adverse water effects.

If your basement is free of moisture or water, you are getting your money’s worth. However, high water homes require a sump pump to prevent further damage and control moisture levels. The noise from your sump pump offsets the hefty cost of future water damage by ensuring your basement remains dry. Here are some of the reasons why you should keep your sump pump.

Prevents Flooding Along with Water Damage

A sump pump prevents flooding by preventing water from reaching your foundation. Diverting water from this area goes a long way in mitigating water damage to your property and valuables. A home is a costly investment that should be protected, and hiring a professional for sump pump installation and maintenance is a step in the right direction. We leverage cutting-edge tools and equipment to detect excessive moisture and standing water which are the common causes of long-term water damage.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew usually grow in areas with moisture or pooling water—homeowners must watch susceptible spaces like the basement to detect mold early before it becomes a significant problem. Failure to address this problem in time can lead to severe respiratory issues, compromising your general wellbeing. A sump pump gets rid of standing water, alleviating the pain of mold and mildew before it becomes too pronounced.

Prevent Pest and Insect Infestation

There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing your home is infested with pests or insects. A damp basement provides these nasty critters a conducive environment to breed, leading to property damage and health complications. Installing a sump pump keeps your basement dry, preventing any potential infestations. If you have a sump pump but standing water inside your home, you should consult a reputable septic service company.

Keep Your Electrical Appliances Safe

Various utility lines run through your basement, including electrical wiring. Standing water can compromise the wiring, leading to damage or, worse, fire hazards. The experts at Septic Connection recommend regular maintenance to maintain an efficient and effective septic system. A sump pump plays a vital role in maintaining a safe home and ensuring your interior is in tiptop condition.

A sump pump is an ideal solution if you live in an area susceptible to flooding or considering renovating your basement for more living space. A sump pump that’s noisy or more than a decade old needs to be replaced, and we are your go-to service providers. Contact us today at Septic Connection and enjoy exceptional septic tank pumping and maintenance at a pocket-friendly price.