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Do Septic Tank Additives Work?

Do Septic Tank Additives Work?

Septic additives are the go-to solutions for DIY septic tank repair and maintenance. You have seen the ads," Add this and protect your waste management system." While most products can help rectify minor problems, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to schedule routine septic tank pumping. In addition, some additives cause more harm to your septic system, resulting in malfunctions and costly emergencies. If you want to buy an additive, we recommend consulting a reputable septic company. We leverage extensive industry knowledge at Septic Connection to inspect, diagnose, and promptly address issues. Additives are effective short-term solutions, but there are several factors you need to consider.

Additives Vs. Pumping

Septic systems hold solid human waste and process wastewater in a leaching field. However, solids and sludge buildup with time, prompting septic tank pumping to mitigate further deterioration. Use additives if you notice backups, foul smells, or slow drains. Most products have harmful ingredients which compromise the tank’s fauna. This affects waste breakdown and more frequent septic tank repair calls. Even though additives offer a short-term solution, routine septic tank pumping is vital for a healthy and durable system.

Quantity of Additives

As mentioned, septic systems handle human waste. The naturally occurring bacteria break down solid materials, ensuring a healthy and functional unit. However, adding many additives affects the bacteria, causing sludge to build up faster. If you regularly use additives, it may be time to call a septic company for an inspection. The waste from your home collects in the waste management system, and sometimes additives can help to prevent overflowing. Following the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional before using additives is advisable. The last thing homeowners want is an emergency or the hefty costs of septic tank installation projects.

The Right Balance

Not all enzymes or bacteria can break down grease and toilet paper. However, excessive use of chemicals, such as cleaning products, disrupts your tank’s pH balance and kills healthy bacteria. Once the system is disrupted, it becomes overloaded and affects the natural balance. Ideally, homeowners can use fewer bacteria or enzymes. If you suspect a problem with your system, hire a septic company for maintenance before using biological additives to replenish the tank’s pH.

We recommend healthy bacteria and enzymes for severely damaged or abused systems. The common signs of damage include foul odors, which show insufficient beneficial bacteria to break down waste. If you ignore professional inspections, you risk further deterioration and expensive septic tank repair emergencies.

Schedule Routine Inspections

Research shows that additives can negatively affect your waste management system, causing long-term damage and costly emergencies. However, some products can help prolong your unit’s lifespan. With all the different additives in the market, choosing a suitable additive for your needs can be challenging. Hence, working with a trusted septic company can eliminate uncertainties and guesswork. Contact us at Septic Connection and schedule a consultation with our experts. We leverage extensive expertise and industry-standard equipment to guarantee unmatched septic tank installation, pumping, and maintenance.