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Septic Tank Repair in Powdersville

Septic Tank Repair in Powdersville

Septic systems are practical and wonderful for the twenty percent of homeowners who are not connected to a centralized sewer system. These onsite waste treatment facilities free you from monthly sewer bills, but they are not maintenance-free. In fact, your septic system’s care, maintenance, and repair are your responsibility. Be sure to perform regular inspections, septic tank maintenance, and, if necessary, septic tank repair in Powdersville if you want your septic system to last its full potential life expectancy of up to thirty years. Luckily for Powdersville residents, Septic Connection is a professional septic company with emergency septic service. We are ready to do the heavy and dirty work. Call Septic Connection now to schedule your septic tank repair or septic tank maintenance in Powdersville.

Caring for Your Septic System

Septic systems are fairly simple in design but are especially sensitive. You are expected to care for your septic system more meticulously than you would look after a traditional sewer system. Proper septic tank maintenance requires you to be mindful of what you toss into your drains and toilets. Do not flush hard objects, food scraps, grease, and other objects that can clog your drains. Further, avoid using chemical cleaners that can threaten the “good” bacteria responsible for breaking down solid waste into sludge. Moreover, avoid using excess water as to not overwhelm the drain field. Finally, refrain from driving over or installing large structures on or around the drain field and septic tank.
Call the professionals at Septic Connection to schedule your annual septic tank inspection if you want to ensure your septic system’s working condition.

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Signs of A Faulty Septic System

Prevention is better than cure; it is best to take preventative measures and avoid a Powdersville septic repair in the first place, but some damages are almost impossible to prevent. Pipes decay and rust over time, making them prone to cracks and leakage. Invasive tree roots can penetrate the septic system and extreme temperatures can expand and contract pipes to the point that it requires a repair. However, the quicker you notice that there is an issue, the less expensive and time-consuming the repair will be. Here are some signs of a faulty septic system to look out for:

  • Foul odors, slow drainage, and sewage backups are signs of a blockage or an overloaded septic tank.
  • Puddles of foul-smelling water in your yard around the septic tank can be signs of leaking.
  • Lush, overly green patches of grass is also a sign of sewage leaks.

Call Septic Connection Anytime You Need

We know how important a functional septic system is for a habitable home or operating business. Searching the web for “septic repair near me” can have you on the phone for hours listening to operator after operator tell you to call back during business hours. Don’t waste your time. Call Septic Connection instead to speak with a live representative and arrange your emergency septic tank repair today. We can have a septic professional dispatched to your location as soon as within the hour!

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