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What Will Ruin a Septic System?

What Will Ruin a Septic System?

Most people who live far from the city must have a septic system, which can be overwhelming when keeping it in tiptop condition. What goes down your drains or the toilet is vital in maintaining an efficient system, especially considering how delicate your septic tank is and how regular household items can damage your septic system. The last thing you want is a clog that leaves you looking for the first service provider you find on the internet. Septic Connection is a reliable and reputable septic service company that can help you avoid damaging your septic system with these products. When you hire a professional plumber for septic tank pumping, here are some of the things you’ll be advised to keep away from your home.

Chemical Cleaners

Every septic system relies on bacteria that eliminates pathogens and helps break down waste. If these bacteria are affected, it can lead to low performance and efficiency before you find yourself dealing with a clog. Homeowners who conduct DIY septic repair usually go for chemical cleaners, which are efficient and cost-effective solution that doesn’t require any expertise. However, these chemicals are not suitable for the bacteria in your septic tank, and you can end up causing severe damage. A septic service company in Greer, SC recommends regular pumping or septic-safe cleaners, and we can help you find the most appropriate.


With all the different septic additives, it becomes challenging to figure out which one is safe for your septic system. While some may claim to have a positive impact on the bacteria in your septic system, the EPA and American Chemical Additives suggest that using these additives puts your tank at risk of damaging your septic tank. Suppose you are concerned about the use of additives on the number of bacteria in your tank. In that case, you should onboard a professional to inspect your tank before you cause irreversible damage to your system.

Bath Oils and Kitchen Grease

Grease and oil usually go down your drain in liquid form and solidify once the temperatures cool. Oil floats on top of the septic tank, forming a dense layer of scum which hinders bacteria from breaking down solid waste. If the grease from dirty dishes is allowed to flow down the drain, it can also clog your lines, which has dire consequences on the efficiency and function of your septic system. The most effective solution is scheduling routine septic tank pumping with a professional septic service company.

Latex Products

Having Septic Connection conduct septic tank pumping regularly goes a long way to avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements. Latex is a non-biodegradable material that can’t be broken down by bacteria, resulting in floating debris in your tank. If left unchecked, these products can clog your system, rendering it ineffective and inefficient to maintain an efficient method. Contact us today to learn more about things that will ruin your septic system, and schedule an appointment with the septic professionals.