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3 Ways to Avoid a Septic System Backup

3 Ways to Avoid a Septic System Backup

As a homeowner, it is vital to maintain a conducive indoor environment. One way to do that is by consulting a professional septic service company to prevent backup and other clog-related issues. At Septic Connection, we use state-of-the-art equipment to enhance septic maintenance and minimize the risk of potential damage. The last thing you want is a septic system backup in the middle of the night, and that's why it is vital to schedule routine septic tank pumping and other maintenance services with a professional.

Many septic issues can be avoided before they become more pronounced if detected early. The professionals at Septic Connection have the experience and expertise needed to maintain a healthy and efficient septic system. Here are several ways you can avoid septic system backup, preventing further damage to your system.

Watch What You Flush

Most people rely on manufacturers to label various products flushable or non-flushable, but this doesn't guarantee safety. The reality is that not everything marked flushable is suitable for your septic system, and you risk clogging your system. If you are not sure whether something is safe, it is advisable to consult the professionals at Septic Connection. We have extensive industry knowledge and expertise, helping you differentiate between things that should go to the trash and those safe for your toilet.

Some of the products that mislead most people include feminine products, make-up wipes, and paper towels, among many others. When you schedule routine maintenance with our team of experts, you are provided with pertinent information to help you prevent further deterioration of your system.

Pump Your Septic System Regularly

If your septic tank holds less than 1,000 gallons, you are at a high risk of having a backup. Depending on your water usage, the technicians at Septic Connection can develop a septic tank pumping schedule to prevent clogs and other related damages. We leverage cutting-edge equipment to enhance septic tank pumping and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your septic system.

The last thing you want is to overwhelm your septic system since it can lead to costly repairs and replacements. With years of providing top-notch septic services, we recommend hiring a professional septic service company to ensure you get the most out of your system and prevent backup.

Use a Septic System Additive

You can maintain a healthy septic system by pumping using an additive. However, most additives are not conducive for your septic system and compromise the ability of bacteria to break down waste. We can help you find a bio-active additive that contains natural bacteria to help you maintain an efficient system that's easy to use.

Onboarding an expert goes a long way in ensuring everything is in tiptop condition, preventing hefty repairs. These are some of the steps to follow if you want to maintain a healthy septic system that's free from clogs and potential backups. Contact us today at Septic Connection, and schedule an appointment with the experts.