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Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

You might take it for granted, but your drain line installation plays a huge role in keeping your property sanitary by safely disposing sewage, grey water, and industrial waste fluids. Drain lines are designed to maintain specific air pressure and carefully ventilate foul odors and harmful gases. They are not indestructible, however, and can malfunction if you do not care for them or maintain them. Clogs are a common issue with drain lines, but professional drain cleaning is at your fingertips. Septic Connection urges homeowners and especially septic system owners to consider the benefits of professional drain cleaning.

Decreased Odors

When organic material gets stuck in your drain line and begins to decay and rot, the resulting foul odors will creep up your drains and into your living space. The odors may also carry airborne pathogens, allergens, and bacteria. A professional drain cleaning will completely scrape away those rotting substances and keep your property smelling fresh.

Proper Drainage

Drains are designed to be about two to four inches in diameter. Even a minor clog will restrict the flow of water and slow down drainage. This can be especially bothersome if you have many dishes to wash or like to take long showers. Water can back up into your kitchen sink and slow down your chores. Plus, who likes to have a pool of filthy water around their feet when showering? Professional drain cleaning will have your drainage back in its original condition so that you can do your day-to-day activities without an issue.

Save Time and Money

As mentioned earlier, a clog that is slowing drainage can slow down your chores and regular activities. Worse, a clog can lead to detrimental damage to your pipes and plumbing system. Blockages tend to allow still water to form behind it and breed bacteria. The still water and bacteria will speed up rusting and corrosion of the pipes. Factor in the undue pressure on the pipes and you have a recipe for cracked pipes, leaks, and water damage.
Timely professional drain cleaning can save you from a world of hurt. Have those blockages removed so that you do not have to deal with high water bills, costly pipe repairs, or drain line replacements.

Long-Lasting Results

Anyone can pull out a drain snake or plunger to tackle a clogged drain on their own, but these methods do not thoroughly clear the blockage. Instead, they leave behind gunk that acts as the starting point for the very next clog. Professional drain cleaning involves advanced techniques and technology. Hydro jetting drain cleaning, for example, uses a combination of live video technology and pressurized water to fully scrape away the muck and send the debris down the drain line. This gives you long-lasting results and saves you from having to constantly pull out the drain snake or plunger.

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