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How to Properly Wash Your Septic Tank Filter

How to Properly Wash Your Septic Tank Filter

A well-maintained septic system can run for over a decade without requiring significant repairs and replacement. However, this is never the case; most homeowners only think about their waste management system when there’s a problem. In an ideal scenario, only wastewater should drain into the leach field. This overwhelms the septic tank filter, which filters suspended solids from wastewater before it flows into the drain field. Over time, wastewater carries unwanted debris like solid waste hair and grit, which eventually causes clogs and pollution. 

The septic tank filter is essential to your system, and regular maintenance is needed to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Although a septic tank filter can function for years without needing replacement, it’s crucial to schedule an inspection with a reputable septic company. Septic Connection conducts comprehensive septic maintenance, ensuring the filter is cleaned every time we perform septic tank pumping.

Steps to Follow When Cleaning the Septic Tank Filter

Septic waste is toxic, and accidentally getting exposed to it can lead to health complications. If you decide to take on cleaning the filter, ensure you are dressed in the appropriate protective clothing and gear. Ensure you have dressed in full-length pants and shirt, boots, safety goggles, and gloves. Once fully equipped, remove the access lid, which is usually located above the ground. If it is buried, you may have to find it first.

After opening the access lid, proceed to remove the filter cartridge. While the cartridge is over the open port, spray it with water to remove any material sticking to it. It is vital to hold the filter over the first maintenance hole so that effluent from the filter flows into the septic tank. If you drain the effluent in the wrong utility hole, it flows into the drain field.

Modern systems have a built-in alarm that goes off when the filter needs cleaning, or something is damaged, and septic tank repair is required. If you have such a filter, ensure it works properly by lifting the float switch to sound the alarm. If it doesn’t sound even after raising the float switch, hire a professional technician for repair.

Finally, inspect the vent hole and modulation orifices for debris, and spray it away with a hose. Once you’ve removed all traces of residue, place the cartridge firmly into the saddle holes, and clean spills around the area before closing the septic tank lid.

Keeping the Septic Tank Clean

Homeowners must keep an eye on what goes down the drain and toilet, preventing issues such as clogs and filter damage. Maintaining a clean unit reduces the frequency of filter repairs and replacement, increasing the lifespan and efficiency of the system. Avoid flushing products that are not biodegradable such as baby wipes, cigarette butts, cotton buds, and many others. This also applies to toxic substances that affect the bacteria needed to break down solid waste.

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