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How COVID-19 Affects Your Septic Tank System

How COVID-19 Affects Your Septic Tank System

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many property owners to stay home more than ever, septic systems may experience an unprecedented increase in demand. While proper maintenance has always been essential to the long-term success of a septic system, many property owners may find that they need to stay more aware in order to avoid issues. At Septic Connection, we offer premium septic services for local customers including septic tank cleaning, septic pumping and septic repairs in Greenville, South Carolina and surrounding metro area neighborhoods. Here is some helpful information that can help you and your family stay in control of your septic system through the pandemic and beyond. 

Why Staying Home More Often Can Put Extra Demands on Your Septic System

COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes in people’s daily routine. Those that once commuted to work may be performing daily tasks in their home office space. Children that attended school face to face may now be home schooled or attend class remotely. The additional daily hours spent at home can be extra taxing on your septic system. The extra showers, bathroom breaks, cooking and meal cleanup, increased use of disinfectants and a lot of extra Do It Yourself projects may put a lot of strain on an already overburdened waste management system. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Septic System 

Thankfully, developing good habits can help your septic system keep up with your busy home-bound family. First, it is important that you stay on top of your routine septic tank pumping and cleaning appointments. You may need to reduce the amount of time between services to adjust for the increased water usage and waste materials entering your system. Also, try to use natural cleaners for sanitation and cleaning. While it’s important to keep bacteria and viruses at bay, you need to choose quality products that don’t contain overly harsh chemicals. If an overabundance of chemicals enters your septic tank, it could kill the beneficial bacteria that helps to break down solid waste. 

When to Call a Septic Professional 

If you begin to notice signs of recurring clogs, wastewater backups, overflowing toilets or foul smells in your yard, then you are likely already past due for a professional septic service. If you experience any of the above symptoms, or you know that it has been a year or longer since your last septic tank pumping service, then it is best to discuss your needs with a septic specialist as soon as possible. 

Do You Need a Septic Repair or Maintenance Service? Call Septic Connection Today 

Are you worried about the condition of your septic tank now that everyone in the family is at home more often? If you need to schedule a septic inspection, cleaning, pumping, repair or replacement, then there is no need to wait. Call the experts at Septic Connection. Our specialists are always ready to help you achieve quality, lasting results. Contact our office for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment with a septic specialist in Greenville, Berea, Fountain Inn, Belton, Five Forks, Greer, Honea Path, Iva, Simpsonville, Taylors, Piedmont, Williamston, Pendleton, Powdersville, Anderson, Townville, West Pelzer, Starr, South Carolina or a nearby community.