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3 Signs That You Have Drain Field Problems

3 Signs That You Have Drain Field Problems

A drain field is a vital part of every home and ensures your septic system is in tiptop condition. Most drain field-related problems can be prevented if detected early, so hiring a septic service company for regular maintenance is recommended to ensure signs of failure are addressed in time. At Septic Connection, we have an experienced team that can help you maintain an efficient and healthy system. We leverage state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the quality of services, like septic tank pumping and cleaning, among other routine maintenance.

What is a Drain Field?

A drain field is a part that filters the water flowing from the septic tank and sends it to the earth. It is easy to forget that your drain field exists, mainly when everything is functioning as expected. However, when there's an issue with the performance or efficiency of your septic system, it might be time you consider hiring a professional for maintenance. There are several signs that homeowners need to be on the lookout for that indicate a problem with the drain field. These signs include:

Sewage Odor

A common sign of a malfunctioning drain field is the presence of sewage odor in your compound near your septic tank. A septic system in tiptop condition shouldn't produce any smell, so a weird scent is a sign that something is wrong. When you detect a foul sewage odor around the drain field, the first call you should make should be to a septic service company. The experts at Septic Connection can help you pinpoint the cause of the problem and recommend the most effective and efficient solution.

Slow Drains

Another standard indicator that your drain field is damaged is slow drainage in your sinks, showers, and toilets. If you detect slow drains in these fixtures, chances are there's a blockage in your drain field or septic tank. When water fails to drain, you are at risk of water damage since the water doesn't have anywhere to go. While a sluggish toilet or single slow drain is no cause for alarm, it is vital to address such issues before they get out of hand. However, when all the drains in your home are not functioning at optimal capacity, it is a sign you need to check your septic tank or drain field.

Wet Spots on Your Yard

A green and lush lawn is every homeowner's dream, but when there's a green spot wetter than the rest of your yard, especially around the septic tank, it is a sign you need to onboard an expert. Failure to address such issues can result in structural damage, compromising the safety of your home. The most effective solution is to have a professional septic service provider assess the system for damage when you detect any of these signs.

We recommend scheduling routine drain field inspections to identify problems before they cause significant damage. The professional septic inspectors at Septic Connection can ensure you maintain an efficient and effective septic system. Call us today and schedule an appointment with the experts. We guarantee quality septic tank pumping and maintenance at competitive market prices.