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Tips for First Time Septic Tank Owners

Tips for First Time Septic Tank Owners

Moving brings many changes, whether you are moving for a new job or your growing family. When you are ready to upgrade from an apartment to a bigger house, it is essential to consider the condition of your plumbing and septic system. Homes not connected to a municipal sewer line rely on a septic system for waste management, which requires routine care and maintenance. Septic Connection leverages standard industry equipment to guarantee exceptional septic tank pumping and repairs.

Homeowners should schedule routine maintenance inspections with a trusted septic company to ensure everything is running as expected. The last thing you want is a septic emergency in the middle of the night, compromising the safety of your premises. Here are basic guidelines for new septic tank owners.

Be Responsible for Your Tank

If you are a homeowner, care for your septic system. The first step is identifying where the septic system is in your backyard, how large it is, the last time it was pumped, and establishing a maintenance schedule. This can be overwhelming for first-time septic tank owners, hence the need to work with a professional septic company. You can leave the heavy lifting to our trained technicians, allowing us to inspect, diagnose, and address any issue before it gets out of hand.

Septic Tank Pumping is Non-negotiable

While your septic system is running as expected, it doesn’t mean you should neglect routine septic tank pumping. This vital maintenance practice should be conducted every few months or years based on the size of the tank. Many items go down your drains and toilet, forming a layer of sludge and scum. Failure to pump your septic tank leaves you susceptible to clogs and subsequent water damage. The most effective way to prevent such issues is to hire a septic company for regular pumping and maintenance.

Septic Tank Cleaning is not Pumping

Once a septic service pumps your tank, it is essential to inquire if their services include cleaning. Many property owners don’t know the difference between septic tank pumping and cleaning and settle for only one service. However, we provide comprehensive cleaning after a thorough septic tank pumping exercise to ensure everything works properly. Our trained technicians leverage innovative equipment to enhance the quality and efficiency of septic tank pumping and cleaning.

Inspections Are Important

As mentioned, a septic system can function as expected and still have an underlying problem. Most of these trivial issues go undetected until they become more pronounced, causing irreversible damage. Routine inspections by a trusted septic service ensure minor signs of deterioration are detected before wreaking havoc. We use extensive experience and expertise to assess your entire system, diagnose signs of damage, and recommend viable solutions based on the severity of the problem.

These are critical factors to consider if you are moving into a house with a septic tank for the first time. Contact us at Septic Connection and schedule a consultation with our representative. We guarantee top-notch septic tank pumping and maintenance without breaking the bank.