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5 Things to Know About Hiring a Septic Company

5 Things to Know About Hiring a Septic Company

At some point in your home-owning life, your septic tank will need some servicing. It’s the service we all despise having to deal with, but if it’s not dealt with… you better be prepared. We know dealing with septic issues can be a headache, but it is bound to happen when owning a home. 
When looking to hire a septic company to help you, it’s important to do more research than just Googling ‘septic company near me’ and going with the first option you see. Not all septic companies have their customers as their priority. By choosing Septic Connection, you can hire us knowing that our #1 priority is you and your home. We provide you with septic services for all kinds of things – residential, commercial, and industrial septic tank pumping and system installation. 
When it comes to hiring a septic company, there are some things you should look for or ask about. We are going to give you some insider information on what you should look for when hiring a septic company. 

5 things you should know when hiring a septic company:

1.    Credentials
When it comes to your septic tank, you want someone who knows what there are doing and will do the job to code. When you’re looking at septic companies to hire, you should always check their credentials and verify them by asking them about them. Or, you can go straight to your local health department and ask them for the company’s credentials. 

2.    Services
Before you sign to hire a septic company, you should always make sure they offer the services you need. Not all septic companies do the same thing, and you should always confirm the company you are looking to hire can do the maintenance and repair jobs you need to be done. 

3.    Pricing
This is an important one to consider before hiring. Get a couple of quotes from different companies and go with the one you feel most comfortable with. Septic companies will oftentimes give you a ballpark quote of how much the work is going to cost, but they can throw you a curveball when it comes time to pay (don’t worry, Septic Connection won’t do that to you!). 

4.    Contracts
Don’t assume that every septic company you meet with has your best interest in mind. You may have agreed on certain terms and pricing, but that can be totally switched in your contract. We always recommend fully reading your contract before you sign so you don’t run into any issues or discrepancies. 

5.    Reviews
These days, reviews are one of the most popular ways to find things. Reviews are something you should always look at for anything, especially when hiring a septic company. Use these reviews to pre-determine if you and a specific company will be a good match or not. 

Why choose Septic Connection as your septic company?
At Septic Connection, we offer all different kinds of services. Anything you need, we can do! The health and safety of your family and your home is our #1 priority – we make sure all of our work is done to code and regulation, all while keeping you within your budget! We know how stressful dealing with septic tank issues can be, that’s why our main goal is to make those issues easy and stress-free for you!
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