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Why Your Septic System Failing

Why Your Septic System Failing

A septic system may last for decades if you properly take care of it. To prevent it from failing, you need to maintain it regularly. You can do this by being conservative with the water you use, reducing the load the system tackles. Also, you can use a septic company, like Septic Connection, to help you with septic tank pumping once in a while.

How Does the Septic System Work?

Knowing how your septic system functions is key to helping you identify the problem with your septic tank. When there is wastewater from your toilets and laundry machines, all run to an outlet pipe. The pipe carries the waste into the septic tank, divided into three layers: sludge, liquid effluent, and scum. The scum and sludge stay in the tank while water makes it into the leaching system.

Some septic systems operate either using electricity or gravity. An electric system has a pump chamber that elevates water to the leaching system. For a gravity septic system, liquid flows using the natural force of gravity.

What Are the Signs of a Failing Septic System?

Some common signs may show that the septic system requires maintenance. A sign that the septic system is failing is if the sewage and water back up into your pipes or the sinks drain slower than usual. Other signs include bright green glass on your septic tank, even when it is dry and odors around your septic tank.

What Causes the System to Fail?

The system may fail because of several reasons, but these are the causes of the system failure.

Clogged Pipes

Sometimes the pipes may block because of the buildup of non-biodegradable items, such as diapers. These items may block the pipes preventing the sewerage from passing and causing it to go back up to the house. It can be an easy problem because the service provider can unclog the pipes by ‘snaking the line.’ Also, a vehicle can break the pipe, requiring you to replace at least a portion of the pipe.

Overworking the Septic Tank

If you have an undersized tank, the normal use of water at your home may prevent it from failing. Also, the septic system will probably fail even if you have a properly sized tank and use excessive water.

How to Prevent System Failure?

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent your system from failing. Ensure you pump the system every 1 to 3 years. Avoid using excess water by spreading out your laundry. Also, avoid flushing other materials, such as sanitary pads, down the toilet.

Also, you can liaise with a septic company and carry out septic system inspections to ensure your system is operating properly. These inspections can prevent you and your family from getting sick because of the septic system’s failure. Also, the inspections help prevent expensive repairs.

You can reach out to Septic Connection for inspections and septic tank pumping. We are professionals and will help ensure that your septic system doesn’t fail.