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Warning Signs for Aerobic System Maintenance

Warning Signs for Aerobic System Maintenance

Homeowners go the extra mile to ensure a lavish exterior that captures the eye of bystanders and passersby. However, septic tank repair and maintenance usually don’t make the list of upgrades, resulting in devastating damages. Routine maintenance by a professional septic company is vital if you rely on an aerobic system for wastewater treatment. Septic Connection is the go-to service provider for reliable and affordable septic system care, ensuring optimum efficiency and durability. Our experts leverage extensive expertise and knowledge to inspect, diagnose, and address underlying issues before things get out of hand.

Why You Need Professional Maintenance for an Aerobic Septic System?

Regular maintenance is essential whether you are considering a septic tank installation or upgrading an old unit. Aerobic systems can pollute nearby water sources if you don’t provide the proper care; hence, hiring a professional can ensure high performance. Our septic company in Greer can assess the various access points regularly for telltale signs of deterioration and recommend effective solutions. In addition, trained technicians can schedule cleaning sessions based on your usage to ensure everything is in tip-top shape.

Signs You Need Aerobic Septic System Care

If you have a septic tank installation lined up or moving into a home with an on-site wastewater treatment unit, the alarm going off should raise concerns. While this doesn’t usually mean an emergency, it shows you require professional septic tank repair and maintenance. Let’s look at some signs that your aerobic septic system requires maintenance.

No Power

Sometimes, the power can be turned off, or the breaker is tripped. If you check the power supply system and can’t pinpoint the problem, schedule a professional inspection. Unlike DIY enthusiasts, professionals can diagnose and fix the problem, ensuring effective wastewater treatment.

Submersible Pump Not Working

When the submersible pump malfunctions, the best option is usually to replace it. However, you can check for faulty wiring, bad float, or damaged components and call a specialist to handle repairs. We can provide repairs and routine care, such as septic tank pumping, to maintain proper function. The last thing you want is a damaged submersible pump compromising your unit’s effectiveness.

Low Air Pressure

If your system is not getting sufficient air, the pressure can be reduced, which increases the risk of damage. Aerobic systems require sufficient oxygen for effective waste breakdown, and low air pressure means build-up and frequent septic tank pumping sessions. In such cases, the best option is to schedule professional maintenance inspections.

Inaccurate Timer or Photocell

The time and photocell hold the wastewater in the tank until it drains into the leach field for dispersal. If these components malfunction, the risk of overflows increases. Delaying professional maintenance can lead to emergency septic tank cleaning and pumping sessions to control wastewater levels. You can avoid such issues by hiring a professional to assess the severity of the problem and recommend solutions to restore proper function.

Call the Experts

Now that you know the signs your aerobic system needs maintenance, contact the professionals at Septic Connection and schedule a consultation. We provide comprehensive services, including septic tank cleaning, to ensure a safe, quick, and long-lasting system.