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Tips on Maintaining Your Septic Drain Field

Tips on Maintaining Your Septic Drain Field

Many people never think about their septic system drain field. When you run your washer, flush your toilet or rinse something down your sink, it all goes to your septic tank. Bacteria in your septic tank dissolves everything and then the liquid drains out of the septic tank into your drain field where it is absorbed back into the earth. Your septic tank is basically a concrete box. It has these septic drainpipes hooked to it that span out into your yard. When installed, the pipes are placed inside a trench along with gravel. A barrier is put over the trenches and then soil is placed on top for your yard. These pipes look a lot like the black plastic pipes that many people have at the bottom of their gutters. It is important that you maintain your drain field so that the fluid from your septic system will have somewhere to go.

One of the things you can do to maintain your septic drain field is to never drive over it. The weight from heavy cars or trucks can compress the pipes and cave in the trenches, damaging them. Planting trees on your drain field can also be detrimental to your septic system. The roots will find water and can cause costly repairs later on.

Another thing you can do to maintain your septic drain field is to never build or place anything like a shed or shop on your drain field. If you do need a building placed where you believe your septic drain field is, call us. Many times your drain field can be rerouted. Also, If you are curious where your septic drain field is, we will be glad to schedule a time to come out and locate your drain field for you. Please remember, nothing helps your septic system out like being pumped every three to five years as is recommended by DHEC. Call us at 864-682-3330 and we can put you on a maintenance schedule and answer any questions you may have