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The Hidden Dangers of Restaurant Grease Traps

The Hidden Dangers of Restaurant Grease Traps

Commercial kitchens need to ensure the waste disposal system is in tip-top condition. Failing to schedule routine maintenance with a reputable septic company compromises your unit’s overall performance and durability. At Septic Connection, we have a team of experts ready to help you maintain an efficient septic system. Leverage our extensive industry experience and expertise to ensure everything is running as expected and ease the risk of a malfunctioning grease trap in your restaurant.

Routine septic tank pumping ensures your business complies with local regulations and prevents huge messes that result in costly cleanups. Provide regular maintenance to avoid going against the local sewer authority and other governmental bodies. It also results in frequent repair calls, compromising the durability and efficiency of your grease trap. Here are reasons you should hire a professional septic company to service your grease trap.

Prevent Clogs

Grease and oils accumulate in the grease trap, forming a sticky and hard blockage. We can help you eliminate these substances before they reach dangerous levels. We use innovative equipment to provide quality septic tank pumping and ensure your establishment performs well. If you don’t eliminate the waste accumulating in your grease trap, you may end up with a toxic sludge backup. Hiring a reputable septic company reduces cleanup downtime and eases the risk of blockage.

Keep Foul Smells Away

With everything that goes down your grease trap, it is not surprising when foul smells emanate from your system. As a commercial establishment, ensuring you provide a conducive dining environment is vital. Failing to maintain your grease traps allows weird smells to fill your premises, compromising the comfort of your customers. Avoid negative reviews by scheduling regular septic tank pumping and maintenance.

Avoid Health Hazards

Clogged, dirty, and malfunctioning plumbing violates local regulations and creates health risks for your customers. The last thing you want is a backup of toxic waste in your commercial kitchen, affecting the health and well-being of your clients. When you hire us to maintain your grease trap, we assess every inch of your plumbing to detect, diagnose, and address minor issues before they get more pronounced. We aim to help you run a safe business and comply with local regulations.

Prevent Kitchen Fires

Did you know that a grease trap clog increases the chance of a kitchen fire? Oils, fats, and grease are highly flammable, and failing to maintain your grease trap allows these substances to build up. If a fire breaks in your kitchen, a clogged grease trap can make it more challenging to control. A fire emergency is not suitable for business, hence the need to hire a septic company for routine maintenance and care.

These are some reasons you should hire us to help you keep your restaurant’s grease trap in top-notch condition. Contact us at Septic Connection and schedule an appointment with our representatives. We guarantee exceptional services, like septic tank pumping and repair, at competitive market rates.