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10 Questions to Ask Your Septic Service Company

10 Questions to Ask Your Septic Service Company

Whether you are moving into a newly constructed home or a home with an existing septic system, it is essential to ensure that everything is in tiptop condition. That’s why Septic Connection is your go-to septic service company for quality services and maintenance. We take the time to conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the cause of the problem before proceeding to septic tank pumping and repair. Here are some questions our experts have encountered over the years about septic systems.

Does My Septic System Need Maintenance?

Like any other vital system for an efficient and functional home, your septic system requires professional maintenance. Septic Connection takes the time to assess your system and use the data collected to design a maintenance plan suited for you. At the same time, DIY solutions seem like a cost-effective solution; without the expertise and tools needed, you risk further damage.

What Are the Parts of a Septic Tank System?

A septic system is a sophisticated part of your home that comprises multiple components, like the tank, filter, baffle, pipes, microbes, and many more. However, you don’t need to familiarize yourself with every one of them since a professional can explain what you need to know and handle any repairs needed. We have a well-trained and qualified team with vast industry experience to help you maintain an efficient septic system.

How Long Does a Septic System Last?

Regular septic tank pumping and repairs go a long way in ensuring your septic system last without compromising its efficiency. Many factors determine the durability of a septic system, including usage, size, and age. A septic service company can give you an answer based on these factors to ensure you have all the information needed to prepare for your next replacement.

If There’s an Issue, Should I Open My Septic Tank?

This is one question that you don’t want to ask, but if you must, the answer is "NO!" Rather than taking on the risk, a pro can conduct a comprehensive assessment and repairs using specialized tools. It is not advisable to open your septic tank without the experience and expertise needed.

How Much Does Yearly Maintenance Cost?

Most septic service companies offer yearly maintenance estimates based on usage. This helps you budget for the required maintenance, especially when you need septic tank pumping or a regular inspection. Avoid service providers that don’t provide an estimate to ensure you don’t incur extra costs.

How Much Does a Replacement Septic System Cost?

There are many reasons one opts to replace a septic system, from adding property value to preventing damage to your home. The cost of a new design outweighs the loss of property damage or depreciation of property value. It is vital to know the approximate expense of replacing your system, to help you plan for it in the future.

Can I Use the Garbage Disposal in My Kitchen?

Most people usually ask if their garbage disposal is ideal for waste and the appropriate cleaning products. The professionals at Septic Connection can assess your kitchen disposal and help you maintain an efficient and functioning system. The last thing you want is damaged kitchen disposal, costing more in repairs.

Can I Plant Trees or Park Over the Leach Field?

The answer is definitely "No." However, consulting a professional septic service allows you to leverage their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure you protect your leach field from damage. We can devise a plan to help you plant trees safely without compromising your septic system.

What Should I Do If My Grass Turns Greener in Straight Lines?

The first step you need o take when dealing with such a problem is to call a septic service company. If the grass is greener on one side of your lawn, it’s a sign that you are due an inspection, and Septic Connection can pinpoint the problem before it becomes more pronounced.

What Items Should Not Be Flushed?

This is something that you and your household guests need to know to avoid future septic-related problems. Our team of septic service providers can provide you with a list of items that should never go down your toilet. Contact us at Septic Connection for more information, and enjoy a functioning system at a competitive market price.