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South Carolina Septic Tank Regulations

South Carolina Septic Tank Regulations

If you are not connected to the local centralized sewer system, then you are probably wondering how to deal with wastewater and waste management. The common solution is a septic system installation. This on-site waste management facility is convenient and fairly simple in design, but considering the health risks, it is bound by certain rules and regulations set by state and local health departments. South Carolina residents have Septic Connection on their side when it comes to the installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of septic systems, but we are also ready to help by passing on knowledge. This quick-read article is dedicated to septic tank installation in South Carolina. If you have any questions or concerns, then call Septic Connection to get in touch with a courteous representative today.

Who Is in Charge?

Because improperly installed septic systems can harm water quality and contaminate nearby areas, South Carolina law requires that prospective owners acquire site approvals and permits before beginning construction. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Controls is in charge of regulations concerning the installation of septic systems.

Getting Permission

You will have to read and fully complete the Onsite Wastewater System Application and submit it to your local Environmental Affairs Office. This form requires a copy of the property’s plat or deed, so be sure to have it on hand. Once the application is accepted, you will likely have to arrange an on-site visit where the inspector will evaluate the site’s suitability. They will check the terrain and soil among other things. If the inspector approves the site for a septic system, they will issue you a Permit of Construct. Otherwise, they will go over some alternatives for you.

License Requirements

Once you have the Permit of Construct, you can begin your installation. However, the installer must be licensed by the Department of Health and Environmental Controls. In fact, if you clean or repair septic systems or if you haul and dispose of sewage from septic systems, then you must have the appropriate license. You must also renew the licenses and pay applicable fees every year. Failure to do so 90 days after the due date will result in a cancellation of the licenses and require you to apply for a new license. Licenses are NOT transferable.

Other License Requirements

In addition to licenses to clean, repair, and install, there are some other requirements. The Department of Health and Environmental Control has the right to inspect all vehicles used to pump and haul sewage. Vehicles must be on file with the Department. You must also submit a list of sewage disposal facilities you plan to use, including written permission from those facilities. Finally, you must keep a log of each pumping and disposal. This record of activities must be made available to the Department of Health and Environmental Controls upon request.

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