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Signs of Septic Drainage Failures

Signs of Septic Drainage Failures

Drainage plays a vital role in maintaining a functional and safe septic system. Not exercising proper care and maintenance could lead to severe damage, costly repairs, and potential health hazards. At Septic Connection, we leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to detect minor deterioration signs before the damage becomes more pronounced. If you suspect a problem with your drainage, hire a reputable septic company to assess, detect, and address the problem in time. Here are signs of septic drainage problems to look out for and potential solutions.


Failing to conduct regular septic tank pumping leads to frequent backups, compromising system efficiency and function. If you notice slow showers and sinks or your toilet flushing sluggishly, the chances of backup are high. If you don’t act, minor issues can become more pronounced. Backups are the most noticeable signs you need septic tank pumping, and we are the go-to septic company for exceptional services.

Gurgling Sounds

Even if your drains are tip-top, listen for gurgling when using plumbing appliances and fixtures. After flushing the toilet or running a faucet, gurgling sounds show a developing clog or a more severe underlying problem. Septic Connection leverages innovative equipment and proven strategies to pinpoint the problem and recommend a long-term solution.

Sewage Smells in Your House

While gurgling sounds aren’t a major cause for concern if your drains are functioning as expected, foul smells emanating from your drains require immediate action. Foul smells are signs of waste buildup in your drain lines, often leading to complete blockage and backup. The best solution to blockage and foul smells is to schedule routine inspections and septic tank pumping with a professional septic service provider.

Stagnant Water in the Drainfield

A clogged drainfield prevents pre-treated wastewater from seeping through the soil. This usually leads to stagnant water in your yard and subsequent water damage. Puddles near the drain field should raise suspicion and call for professional maintenance before causing severe structural deterioration and mold growth. Look for soggy patches and greener grass near the drainfield to ensure the issue is addressed in time.

Unpleasant Odors Outside

Sometimes stagnant water in your backyard may not be sewage, but if you notice foul odors emanating from the puddle, it may be time to hire a septic company. We leverage industry-standard equipment and tools to pinpoint the problem and provide lasting solutions. It would be best if you had a septic tank pumping to remove the blockages, whether the odors are indoors or outside.

Greener Grass

As mentioned, greener patches of grass near the septic system are assigned to damage and should be addressed before wreaking havoc. Wastewater contains phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, which enhance plant growth and pose a health hazard to your household. While a greener lawn may seem beneficial, exposure to untreated wastewater causes health complications and property damage.


Algae thrive in wet conditions, and a leaking sewer line creates the ideal conditions for growth. The best solution is to hire a reputable septic company for maintenance, ensuring minor signs of damage are detected in time. Besides algae growth, leaking septic lines release toxic effluent into the environment, posing health hazards to your loved ones.

Contaminated Water Sources

Another sign of septic damage is contaminated water sources like wells and rivers. We can test for impurities in nearby natural water sources, allowing us to detect impurities and recommend viable solutions for restoring safety. Schedule routine inspections with our experts to ensure your water sources are safe from contamination.

These are some common signs of septic drainage issues, and Septic Connection can help you maintain an efficient and functional system. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our experts. We guarantee top-notch septic services at competitive market rates.