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Household Cleaners and Your Septic System

Household Cleaners and Your Septic System

Septic systems play a vital role in managing waste from your home. Routine maintenance is critical to ensure your system runs at high performance, preventing minor issues from becoming more pronounced. If you suspect an issue with your waste management system, hire a trusted septic company to assess, diagnose, and address the problem.

At Septic Connection, we deal with many septic issues caused by household cleaners, affecting the tank’s flora. While avoiding bleach helps mitigate deterioration, there are other drain-cleaning products you need to look out for. Here are household cleaners to swap out for safer alternatives.


Chlorine bleach has highly effective antibacterial properties. Once the chemicals enter your septic tank, they damage the naturally occurring bacteria, affecting aerobic and anaerobic processes. If you regularly use bleach for regular household chores, stop! Although limited use of these products isn’t likely to cause damage, everyday use can cause inefficiencies like blockages. We recommend standard septic tank pumping to restore balance in your unit and eliminate traces of bleach before wreaking havoc.


Many homeowners choose non-bleach detergents, but only a few are safe for your septic system. A product containing phosphates or surfactants can contaminate the surrounding environment, including natural and artificial water sources. In addition, powder detergents increase the likely hood of buildup in your drain pipes, especially if overused. Suitable alternatives include liquid detergents or concentrated powdered detergents with fewer filler components. The best way to keep your home clean without risking your septic system is to choose phosphate-free detergents and use a small amount.

Antibacterial Soap

Anything with "antibacterial" on the label is wrong for your septic tank, as constant use compromises the system’s environment. The bacteria colonies in your tank can handle minimal antibacterial products, but regular use is unhealthy and increases the risk of damage. We encourage homeowners to choose non-antibacterial soaps for the bathroom or use hand sanitizers. Preventative measures go a long way in maintaining a healthy septic ecosystem and preventing costly repairs.

Auto Toilet Cleaners

This may come as a surprise, but auto-cleaners in your toilet that clean the bowl with every flush can damage your septic system. Most of these products contain harmful ingredients like phosphates and surfactants, which have antibacterial properties. Toilet cleaners are unlikely to damage your unit severely, but the chemicals can add up if your toilet cleaner dispenses with every flush.

Drain Cleaners

When you notice wastewater backup or a clogged drain, it is common to find a quick fix to ease any inconveniences. Drain cleaners effectively restore efficiency to your plumbing, but some of these products contain concentrated chemicals that corrode your pipes. These toxic and corrosive chemicals increase the risk of leakages and affect your septic tank’s internal flora. Before using a drain cleaning product to rectify a problem, consult a septic company for professional advice.

Now that you know which household cleaners to avoid, you are underway to improve your septic system’s quality. Contact us at Septic Connection and talk to our representative about septic tank pumping and maintenance. We guarantee top-notch septic services at competitive market rates.