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Grease Trap Cleaning in Greer

Grease Trap Cleaning in Greer, SC

If you own a restaurant, then you probably have experienced your fair share of grease trap-related problems. Septic Connection helps you avoid such inconveniences by providing top-notch grease trap maintenance in Greer. Grease trap maintenance is vital in preventing a wide range of issues such as drainage clogging, increased fire risks, unpleasant odors, health issues, low sales, and high repair costs.

It is advisable to schedule regular grease trap maintenance in Greer to steer clear of such issues. Our team of professionals at Septic Connection can help you keep an eye on your grease trap by identifying signs that indicate it is time to schedule a grease trap cleaning. Here are some common signs that require professional grease trap pumping or cleaning services.

Backed Up Drainage or Slow-Moving

We believe that poor grease trap upkeep is the main cause for clogging in sink drains. As oils, fats, Grease, or even food accumulate in the grease trap, they start to clamp up and solidify slowly. Over time the grease trap is filled with dense Grease that clogs the line resulting in a backup. If it is not dealt with in time, the Grease stiffens, making it difficult for water to flow through the drain. In the worst-case scenario, backed-up drains can lead to the closure of your restaurant in Greer.

Once you notice that it is becoming difficult for water to flow down your drainage, Septic Connection has covered you. We have an experienced and well-equipped team of experts that provides quality grease trap cleaning in Greer, ensuring that you don't face closure due to something that can be avoided.

When Grease is 25% or More the Total Liquid Depth

As Greer's leading grease trap experts, we recommend cleaning if the grease and solids are more than 25% of the wastewater. The main reason for this is that it is less challenging and economical to conduct grease trap cleaning at this level. However, if the container is filled with oils, fats, and greases, it may deter vital functions and processes in your kitchen.

Since the EPA stipulates that grease trap cleaning should be done when they are 25% full for health and safety reasons, it is advisable to onboard a team of experts to create an effective grease trap maintenance list. Suppose you detect that your grease trap has accumulated waste beyond the recommended level. In that case, Septic Connection provides top-notch grease trap pumping in Greer, ensuring avoiding all subsequent problems.

Grease Trap Pumping in Greer, SC

Presence of a Foul Odor

Unexplainable foul smells are an indication that you are in dire need of grease trap cleaning. These smells are usually caused by the accumulation of food waste, Oils, Grease, and sludge over a long time. These are usually odors that don't disappear even after cleaning the kitchen and taking out the garbage. Regular grease trap cleaning can help you get rid of the foul odors and improve the health of your septic system.

If you are looking for grease trap pumping in maintenance, searching online for grease trap cleaning near me is often challenging in identifying the most suited service provider. Contact us today at Septic Connection for quality grease trap maintenance in Greer.

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