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Benefits of Lift Station Maintenance

Benefits of Lift Station Maintenance

A lift station is an important component of a wastewater collection system, especially for properties lacking the gradient that allows for a natural flow of wastewater into the collection area. It presents an effective way of pumping raw sewage from a lower elevation to a higher level through pipes that run into a sewage treatment facility. A lift station is made up of a pump, valves, screens, electrical equipment, and other components that ensure it works properly. Like other components of a plumbing system, a lift station needs to be maintained regularly to keep it in good shape, extend its lifespan and reduce costly repair or replacement bills.

Unfortunately, many homeowners and property managers do not give much thought to their lift stations until they break down completely. A poorly maintained lift station can cause a number of problems, including clogged filters, sewage backups, foul odors around your home, and many more. So it’s important to keep your lift station well maintained at all times to avoid these problems.

Let’s look at the benefits of lift station maintenance.

  • Avoid Common Lift Station Problems

One of the obvious benefits of lift station maintenance is to keep the unit working properly and keep lift stations problems at bay. A well-functioning lift station facilitates the elimination of wastewater from your home and prevents problems such as motor malfunction, a clogged filter, clogged piping, wear and tear, and more.

  • Extend Its Lifespan

A lift station should last upwards of 20 years as long as it’s maintained properly. Without proper maintenance, the components of a lift station will eventually fail and lead to problems like sewer backups, slow drainage, clogged filters, and odors. Keep in mind that a lift station operates in a toxic and corrosive environment, and its components are constantly under physical stress. If you don’t maintain your lift station as necessary, it won’t last for long. Ensure you call a reliable septic company to inspect all the components of your lift station.

  • Reduce Costly Repairs and Replacements

Keeping your lift station in good working order means you won’t have to spend money now and then on lift station repair and replacement. Regular lift station maintenance will help you save money in the long run.

  • Improved Property Value

Your plumbing system accounts for around 10% of the total value of your home. Therefore, keeping your lift station and your entire plumbing system in good shape helps to increase your property’s value. A dysfunctional lift station can give potential home buyers an impression that you’ve not taken good care of your home. 

  • Prevent Health Problems

A malfunctioning lift station is more likely to cause leaks, backups, mold growth, water contamination, and poor air quality. All of these issues can lead to health issues such as disease outbreaks and respiratory problems. Having your lift station maintained by an experienced septic company will help keep health problems at bay.

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