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Why is Your Septic Tank Gurgling?

Why is Your Septic Tank Gurgling?

If you rely on a septic system for your waste management needs, detecting and addressing signs of damage in time is advisable. A gurgling septic tank means a problem, and you should hire a septic company as soon as possible. While first-time homeowners may not recognize the noises, scheduling routine inspections ensures minor issues are rectified before the damage becomes more pronounced. At Septic Connection, we leverage extensive industry knowledge and experience to assess, detect, diagnose, and address any septic issue.

There are many causes of a gurgling septic tank, including a backup or blockage in the system. Nothing is more frustrating than coming home to a backup emergency and the subsequent water damage. The best way to avoid such scenarios is to provide consistent, quality septic tank pumping and maintenance. Let’s look at the common reasons for a gurgling system.

Blocked Drains

As mentioned, gurgling noises usually show a blocked drainage pipe. You must hire a septic company for professional drain cleaning if you notice a slow drain and gurgling noises. We leverage innovative drain cleaning equipment like hydro-jetting, ensuring all the buildup is cleared. Blocked drains can also compromise the quality of your living spaces by releasing foul smells because of decomposition.

Blocked Sewer Pipes

The waste from your home flows through the main sewer line and into the septic tank. When this line is blocked, you will hear gurgling sounds, and waste will drain slowly. In severe cases, your toilet may not flush, which is frustrating and inconvenient. We urge homeowners to monitor what goes down the toilet to avoid blockages and backups. Ensure you know all the plumbing appliances are running simultaneously, as too much water can flood the system.

Drain Vent Issues

Gurgling noises from the shower or sink mean there’s a problem with the drain vent. The drain vent removes sewer gases from the pipes, protecting indoor spaces from foul smells. However, a broken or aged part can cause ventilation malfunctions, resulting in gurgling noises and sewer gases emanating from your drains. Call a reputable septic company for professional maintenance and repairs if you notice weird odors in the shower or faucets.

Septic Tank Needs Pumping

Septic systems vary in size. When you have a small septic tank that can’t meet your waste management needs, gurgling noises are common when using a plumbing appliance or fixture. A smaller unit means your tank will not drain properly, blocking the sewer lines from flowing. Look out for sewage seeping from the ground or a strong sewer smell in your backyard. Schedule septic tank pumping with a professional if you notice any of these signs.

Although many DIY alternatives exist for dealing with a gurgling septic tank, you need the expertise and tools to avoid further damage. Contact us at Septic Connection and let our team of experts handle the heavy lifting. Please don’t wait for minor problems to get out of hand and wreak havoc on your premises. Schedule an appointment today and enjoy exceptional septic tank pumping and maintenance without breaking the bank.