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Why is Septic Drainage Important?

Why is Septic Drainage Important?

Nobody wants to come to a septic tank problem, whether you are a business or homeowner. One way to reduce the chances of this happening is to hire a septic service company for routine maintenance. At Septic Connection, we believe that most septic-related issues can be prevented if detected early, and that's why we take the time to provide our clients with pertinent information to help them steer clear of bad practices and detect signs of a potentially failing system. These signs include slow drains, usually caused by backup or blockages.

Severe septic issues can wreak unimaginable havoc on your home, and reaching out to a reliable and reputable service provider can help you maintain a healthy and efficient system. We believe that septic drainage in your home or workplace plays a vital role, and scheduling regular maintenance checks with the experts from Septic Connection can prevent further deterioration.

The Importance of Septic Tank Drainage Fields

There's no doubt that septic tank drain fields are crucial to the function and performance of your septic system. Septic drains consist of two parallel pipes which distribute and filter waste beneath the ground, and any issue that interrupts this process can compromise the entire septic system. An excellent way to ensure everything is functioning as expected is to conduct routine septic tank pumping to mitigate unwanted pipe shifts and damages that can grow to significant issues.

We know the importance of a septic tank to buildings that are not connected to a public sewer treatment system, and that's why we leverage state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the quality of maintenance and efficiency. If you were considering taking on septic maintenance on your own, don't! Our team can ensure that every component functions as expected without compromising your waste management needs.

The Need for Regular Septic Tank Pumping

To understand the importance of routine septic tank maintenance, you need to know how the tank functions and its role in the entire system. The tank is tasked with separating wastewater from solid sewage from your home. Solid waste sinks at the bottom and forms sludge, while the light waste comprising grease and oil forms the top layer as scum. Pipes reaching the bottom of the tank remove the wastewater and filter it through the septic field before releasing it into the earth.

Since the scum and solid waste don't leave the tank, they need to be kept away from the surface to prevent soil contamination and foul odors. That's where Septic Connection comes in with top-notch septic tank pumping to ensure this doesn't happen. Although most septic experts recommend pumping every three to five years, several factors should be considered to determine the ideal pumping schedule.

Some of these factors include tank size, home size, and many others that impact the function and health of your septic system. Our experts can develop the ideal septic pumping schedule for your home, preventing buildup and damage. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with the septic system experts at Septic Connection for quality services at a pocket-friendly rate.