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Septic Tank Installation Steps

Septic Tank Installation Steps

Septic tank installation is a delicate and demanding process that requires skill and time. At Septic Connection we take great pride in our track record of quality septic tank installation and septic tank repair. An important aspect of our customer engagement is education. The property owner as the client should have knowledge and understanding of the procedure to ensure they get the appropriate system installed. The septic system is vital in regulating plumbing and sewage. It helps safeguard the environment by preventing improper wastewater disposal and allowing recycling where possible. Being knowledgeable about the installation process gives the client the capacity to oversee and assess the work of the septic company. Below we have elaborated critical steps in the installation process.

1.  Research on the Appropriate Septic System

All property owners are strongly advised to conduct thorough research before proceeding to pick a septic system. The septic company should be involved during this stage to ensure the client has access to the professionals who will offer advice and recommendations. Some of the factors to consider include, expected output of wastewater, existing local and federal laws, and other client preferences such as recycling capabilities. Call Septic Connection to get started. Our professionals will offer you the guidance and support you need to take off.

2.  Obtaining Permits

Before applying, make sure you have put together all the required documents to allow quick processing and appeal in case of rejection. Take your time to ensure there are no errors as you may end up getting the wrong permit resulting in interruptions and extra expenses. Some local or state laws will greatly influence the type of system you install hence there is need to consult with the septic company and local officials before proceeding. Having been involved in multiple projects, our technicians from Septic Connection will be of great help. They will offer insight on what is needed and common reasons why permits are denied.

3.  Surveying The Property and Plumbing

Surveying is critical as it will generate data required to create the project plan. The septic company will also be able to confirm there is enough land to allow proper separation between the house and the septic system. The site selected should be easily accessible to ease the installation process and future septic tank repair. Thereafter, the contractor will do the plumbing. Technicians from our septic company, Septic Connection, will do the plumbing that meets the highest standards possible to avoid future expensive leaks and repairs.

4.  Preparing Your Space for Septic System Installation

The septic company in conjunction with other contractors will ensure the available land is prepared for septic system installation. This should be done in accordance to set laws and regulations.

5.   Installing And Testing the Septic Tank

A robust septic system ensures all wastewater follows into the septic tank. It should ideally utilize gravity to minimize costs and prevent clogging. However, depending on the landscape and other modifications, sometimes it is necessary to have a pump in place to push the wastewater against gravity. Before handing over the septic system, we will test it to allow us to make any necessary adjustments.

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