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Septic System Repair: Warning Signs That You May Need Pro Repairs

Septic System Repair: Warning Signs That You May Need Pro Repairs

Most homes connected to a municipal sewer line rely on a septic tank for their waste management needs. These systems are designed to collect all the waste flowing out of your home and separate solid and liquid waste before safely releasing water into the earth. While a septic system can go for years without showing signs of damage or deterioration, there are several warning signs that one needs to look out for to ensure they call a professional septic service company on time for repairs.

At Septic Connection, we believe routine scheduling maintenance like septic tank pumping and cleaning goes a long way in maintaining an efficient and functional septic system Our experts leverage state-of-the-art tools and equipment to enhance the quality of service and ensure that your procedure goes the distance. Here are some of the warning signs that you need pro repairs.

Slow Drains

Several DIY tools are used to deal with slow drains, but the reality is that you need .an expert to conduct a comprehensive assessment of underlying issues. A slow drain might not raise any concerns, but early failure to address the problem can cause further damage. While a rotor or drain-o can help with a single slow drain when there are multiple drains with this symptom, you need to consider hiring a septic service company to avoid dealing with an impacted outflow pipe or backup.

Backing Up Sewage

Another sign of severe septic damage is sewage backup in your drains, inhabiting your indoor space. Once you detect sludge coming out of your bathtub drain, water coming up in your faucets, or other signs of backup from your septic system, you need to reach out to Septic Connection for septic tank pumping and repairs. There’s nothing more frustrating than standing in a pool of sewer water, especially while taking a shower, and that’s why we recommend having a septic service company conduct routine maintenance checks.

Foul Odor

At Septic Connection, we believe that a septic system should be clean, efficient, and healthy. However, when you detect a foul smell emanating from your septic system or the drains in your home, you need to talk to our team of professionals for repairs. Bad smells are usually associated with performance issues, and we have the experience and expertise to restore your system to optimal condition. Don’t let foul odors invade your indoor and outdoor space, and it can all be avoided with routine septic tank pumping and cleaning.

Water on the Drain Field

If you don’t know where your drain field is located on your property, don’t worry. Our team can pinpoint the location of your drain field to help you keep an eye on it for flooding and other signs of unseasonable dampness. Regardless of the reason for standing water on your drain field, we can ensure that the problem is corrected in time.

These are some of the signs of septic system damage. It would help if you were on the lookout to avoid nasty and costly surprises. Contact us today at Septic Connection and schedule an appointment with our experts for septic maintenance and repairs at competitive rates.