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DHEC Percolation Service

DHEC Percolation Service

Your septic system is an onsite wastewater treatment facility. Therefore, it transports, stores, and treats waste all on your property. One of the final steps in the treatment process involves percolation in the drain field. If wastewater cannot percolate through the soil, then you risk damage and contamination to your septic system and property. A DHEC percolation service in Greenville can keep your drain field properly percolated. Call Septic Connection to schedule your DHEC percolation service. Our septic percolation is also available for emergency services. Get in touch with a live representative by calling Septic Connection now.

How Your Drain Field Works

To truly understand the importance of perc holes and septic percolation in Greenville, we have to understand the function of the drain field. After solid waste and wastewater leave the household pipes and enter the septic tank, the liquid effluent and solid waste are separated. The solid waste stays in the tank where it is broken down into sludge. The wastewater, meanwhile, is readily discharged into the drain field via perforated pipes.
The wastewater then percolates through the soil in the drain field as soil microbes filter and clean the wastewater on the way down. These vital microbes use oxygen to function, so it is crucial that the soil allows for oxygen to reach the microbes; over-compacted soil threatens these microbes. Septic perc holes provide these microbes with the oxygen they need. Septic Connection is happy to provide this crucial septic perc service.

Protecting Your Drain Field

The drain field takes up a plot of land which can be bothersome if your property is small and you want to do some gardening or landscaping. But it is so important that you respect the drain field area. Setting up structures or driving over this area can compact the soil and even damage the pipe system. 
Even planting vegetation, bushes, and trees can be problematic. Be sure to choose these based on the length of their root. Invasive roots can penetrate through the drain field’s pipes. This is not to say that all plants are bad. Certain plants reduce soil erosion and soak up excess moisture from the soil. This can help lighten the burden on the drain field. A septic percolation in Greenville can also give your drain field a functional boost.

What Is A Septic Perc?

We have already mentioned the importance of the drain field as well as its treatment mechanism: percolation. So, what exactly is a septic perc? Septic Connection offers septic percolation service to optimize the operation of the drain field, and consequently the septic system as a whole. This can make your septic system work efficiently and increase its service life. Call Septic Connection to learn more about our DHEC percolation service in Greenville.

Looking for Septic Percolation Near Me?

If you live in Greenville and have been searching the web for “septic percolation near me,” then look no further. Septic Connection is happy to serve all areas of Greenville. Our live representatives and septic specialists are on standby to take your call today.

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