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Septic & Drainfield Locating

Septic & Drainfield Locating

If you have just moved into a new home or property that relies on a septic system for waste and wastewater treatment, then you ought to know where the septic tank and drainfield are located. How else will you perform your routine maintenance and take care of repairs? We will go over some ways you can find your septic tank and drainfield in this article. Better yet, you can call Septic Connection for a professional septic tank locating or drainfield locating in Greenville. Our technicians have the experience and equipment to locate these essential components without damaging your property or the septic system itself. Call Septic Connection now to speak with a courteous representative.

Why Find Your Septic Tank & Drainfield?

If you live in a rural area, somewhere off the grid, or otherwise are not connected to the local centralized sewer system, then you likely rely on an on-site septic system for treating waste and wastewater. As you might suspect, the maintenance of the septic system is wholly the property owner’s responsibility. Any contamination or damage caused by your septic system will be your liability. So, if you want to get the most out of your septic system without becoming liable for damages, then you must take great care of the system. How can you take care of the septic system if you do not even know where it is located though? Septic Connection is here to help with drainfield locating and septic tank locating in Greenville.

Locating the Septic Tank & Drainfield Yourself

We have a profound respect for property owners who like to take things into their own hands, and we are happy to help. Though we offer septic tank locating service in Greenville, we also have some tips on how to locate your septic tank and drainfield yourself:

  • Scan for Markers: Your septic tank should be marked by a cement marker the size of a manhole cover. Look ten or twenty feet away and scan for this marker, then follow the downward-most path and check for an empty, downward-sloping field. That field may be your drainfield.
  • Ask the Previous Owner: Chances are the previous property owner has performed maintenance and repairs. If you have their contact info, then call and ask for help.
  • Use the As-Built Diagram: The contractor who installed your system should have filed an as-built diagram at the local health authority. Either call the contractor or contact the health authority to request a copy.

Leave It to The Experience Septic Technicians

Whether you tried to no avail or whether you would rather spend your valuable time on other things, the septic technicians at Septic Connection are ready to help with professional septic tank locating and drainfield locating in Greenville. We have years of experience and sophisticated equipment to pinpoint the septic tank and drainfield without damaging the system or your property. Call Septic Connection at any time to speak with a live representative and schedule a flexible appointment or arrange an emergency dispatch.

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